Cryptainer LE


Create encrypted virtual drives to store your files



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Cryptainer LE is an interesting application that lets you keep the documents on your computer private.

It creates virtual storage drives where you can save your files.

Actually, one of these drives is just a regular protected file located in a directory inside the main hard drive, although all the information stored there will be encrypted and will require a password.

Additionally, you can install all the applications to which you want to limit access on these virtual drives.

Cryptainer’s free trial version lets you create a limited number of drives, with a maximum size of 25 megabytes and a 128-bit Blowfish encryption password. The full version improves on these features, but it’s not free.

Finally, you can encrypt any file and send it by e-mail. The recipient doesn’t need to have any software installed to access the file, just the encryption password.
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